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news from schleuniger

New equipment and options from schleuniger

KAMIC Group acquires STAC AB

In the organisation, STAC will be part of KAMIC Group’s
Production Technology business area

Schleuniger acquisition of majority stake in Adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH.

Cable processing


STAC offers state-of-the art equipment for cable and wire production from world leading suppliers as Schleuniger Group . We provide cost efficient solutions with renown precision for any kind of cable & wire.

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Components & Hand Tools


STAC offers a professional range of tools and equipment for cable assembly and switch cabinet manufacture from  GLW GmbH and high end hand tools for cutting, stripping and crimping from Rennsteig GmbH. 


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Marking, Coding & Labelling

STAC offers a wide range of printing solutions as Inkjet, Hot stamping, Feeding system, Laser and Thermal transfer from KBA-Metronic GmbH,
R+K Loepfe and Brady.

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Cable processing equipment


STAC offers manuell equipment for winding, measure and coiling. We also provide warehouse equipment for cable drums and cable spools. Cost efficient with renown precision for any kind of wire.

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Cutbend & Components


We offer a wide range of semi-manual component processing equipment. For fast bending and cutting of taped components. The model CUTBEND is a low cost high quality Swiss built resistor cutting and forming machine. The CUTBEND can easily be adjusted and readjusted for diffrent components and dimensions.

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Quality Assurance Equipment


Stac AB is working hard to ensure the quality and increase the quality of your prodution. We offer and provide quality equipment for the measurement of "crimp height", "crimp control". Micrograph equipment allows the creation of analysis of high-quality crimp cross-sectional images with the "Migrograph System MSG" and Motorized pull force test devices from 200N up to 20,000N.

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Sjövägen 8
746 31 Bålsta
Telefon: +46 8 594 103 50
Fax:+46 171 566 45
 E-post: contactstac@schleuniger.ch